3. The results are pretty impressive

The success rate of this drug is unbelievable. Dr. Leonard told us “The effectiveness rate of this drug is around 80% if it is given for 4-5 months.

4. It is not for every kind of acne

As it is mentioned earlier, this drug is used for severe acne cases. Presence of pimples, cysts and nodules and scarring are the signs of severe acne.

If you have a few pimples, go for the primary antibiotic course first. If it gets worse than with the consult of your dermatologist, you can consider this drug.

5. There have been scary, mood-altering side effects

What a happy world we would be in if miraculous pills that you can have without and side effect existed. In this world, everything has its good and bad side.

“As this drug has many benefits for skin but there are some serious side effects too. It has been reported that some people got serious disorders that were having this drug to treat acne. Mood swings and depression has also observed in some patients”, said Dr. Leonard.


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