Turmeric is such a spice that gives a healthy boost to your body and immune system. It is in powder form and easily dissolved. It is used in the medicines from ancient times especially in India and China. Modern science and research also accept its benefits. Turmeric powder is made from powdered and dried roots of plant named Curcuma Longa. Following are given ten reasons why everybody should drink warm turmeric water every morning.

  1. Turmeric powder has antibacterial power so it wounds the cuts and speeds up the healing process
  2. Boost the immune system
  3. Reduces nasty infection
  4. Lowers cancer risk
  5. Relieve from joint pain and arthritis
  6. Save you from cold and flu
  7. Lowers the cholesterol level
  8. Reduces the cancer risk
  9. Stops inflammation
  10. Prevent cardiovascular diseases and stroke

To get the best possible benefits of turmeric water, try this recipe:


  • 8 ounces water
  • ½ teaspoon turmeric powder
  • 1 teaspoon honey


1.  Take water in saucepan and put it on stove

2.  Boil water and turned off the stove

3.  When water is normal then add turmeric powder into it

4.  You can add honey into it. It is optional you may skip it.

Take this drink in every morning and stay energetic and fresh in the whole day. Turmeric powder can be used as a spice in your cooked meal, in lunch and dinner. It is also used for making curry and in baked dishes. Some people used the mixture of yogurt and turmeric powder as a face mask for curing acne.


  1. Best regards your way to have that kind of powder is a bit out of order , there are many things to prepare first , although no harm taking it that way


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