Most people believe that nuts are just an assortment of bad fats and calories, but research validates the claim that nuts are massive powerhouses of energy, and contain countless nutrient benefits. Nuts pack up a series of essential nutrients, particularly good fats, minerals, vitamins, protein, healthy carbs and fiber.

It’s important to treat ourselves to a healthy assortment of mixed nuts, for they satiate our hunger, energize the body and enrich our body with countless nutrients. You must make a habit of devouring at least one ounce of mixed nuts every day.

Here, take a look at these essential 10 nut varieties for your daily diet:

1. Peanuts

Despite their nutty and crunchy taste profiles, peanuts fall in category of legumes and they happen to be one of the healthiest nuts to add up in your homemade nut butters, jams, baked goodies, Chinese recipes, and especially your salads. Peanuts are packed with protein and very little traces of fat, which makes them a splendid pick to energize your body after a gruelling workout session.

They are also brimming with resveratrol, a natural compound also found in red wine, which has been revealed to hold preventive and protective powers against the spread of Alzheimer’s disease.

However, keep in mind that peanuts have very little storage time and they tend to lose both, their taste and their nutrient density in a matter of days. So, it’s ideal to buy in small quantities and eat them right after your buy them.



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