3. Avocados

Avocados are packed with folate, and this skinned delight is also rich in Vitamin K, a vitamin that aids your body in maintaining a healthy hormonal balance while absorbing nutrients. This delicious green fruit is highly effective in regulating blood pressure levels because of their impressive potassium content. Even though they are not entirely devoid of calories, they mostly contain monounsaturated fats that are good for your health, but if you’re worried about the calorie count, limit yourself to one avocado a day.

And the best thing about avocados is that you get to enjoy its natural goodness without any exploitation by chemicals, since avocados have a very thick skin that cannot be penetrated by pesticides. Hence, you can also save some money by not having to buy them from an organic shop.

Here’s an amazingly delicious avocado treat, and it’s known as a great remedy to boost your fertility. Take a multigrain toast, spread it with one-third of an avocado, and then, throw on some olive oil. This little snack contains a huge dose of Vitamin E, which is highly effective at protecting and regulating cells from oxidative damage, highly essential for women suffering with diabetes or PCOS.

4. Beans & Lentils

These two are the best plant-based sources of protein, and they are also rich in folate, fiber, iron and Vitamin B. These nutrient-packed foods are highly effective at helping you conceive and build up your bodily strength.

Doctors recommend eating them for at least two meals every week in order to extract maximum benefits. However, when you go shopping for beans and lentils, be sure to pick out a can that is BPA free, because BPA can adversely affect the estrogen levels of your body.



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