9. Replace Granola with Oats

You are greatly slowing the progress of your weight loss if you are using granola in yogurt. Half cup of granola contains 300 calories, 12g sugar and 14g fat. Replace granola with oats if you want to lose weight. Avoid using raw oatmeal. Heat it in microwave with vanilla extract, cinnamon and water. Once it is cooked, use it with greek yogurt, fresh fruits and almonds.

Swap Oats in Granola

10. Brunches made with Oats

Do you want to get rid of hectic holiday brunches? If yes, then oats can help you out. You can make a healthy brunch for your family using slow cooker. For making this recipe, add oats, cinnamon and milk in slow cooker. Set it for whole night. Use it as brunch with a topping of your own choice. You can use cacao nibs, fruits, unsweetened coconut and fruits as topping.

Holiday Brunches with Oats

All these 10 ways are best for losing weight. Try using oatmeal in your diet and you will definitely find improvement in weight loss. These recipes are effective for reducing body fat and weight.



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