6. Using Oats in Soups or Sauces

Oats can be used for increasing the health factor or thickness of soups or sauces. Do not put oats in grain form. First blend them and use its powder form for avoiding any lumps. Soups or sauces made with oat powder are helpful for weight loss.

Use Oatmeal in Soups

7. Use Oats in Veggie Burger

Veggie burger can be made more nutritious by adding some oats in it. This veggie burger will not just satisfy your hunger but also keeps you healthy and fat-free.

Add Oats to a Veggie Burger

8. Using Oatmeal in Beef Burger

Oatmeal can also be used in beef burger for making it enriched with vitamin A and fiber. Vitamin A can help boost immune. Taste of beet burger will remain the same as without oatmeal. Burger made using oatmeal is good for healthy body.

Oats in Beef Burger



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