3. Using Oat Flour

Use oat flour for making bread, desserts and waffles for getting some healthy nutrients. Don’t use white variety of oat flour because it is expensive. Add oats in food processor and blend it. In this way, you can get oat flour.

Fix a Batch of Oat Flour

4. Use Oat for Muffins

Traditionally muffins are made with flour that is enriched with refined carbohydrate. Human body transforms this carbohydrate into sugar. Sugar is then converted into glucose that is accumulated as fat if not utilized. Instead of using flour, use oat flour for making muffins.

Make Anti-Muffin Top Muffins

5. Use Oatmeal in Smoothie

Smoothie enriched with oatmeal is healthy. First of all, take a blender and blend raw oatmeal. Then add smoothie ingredients in same blender and keep blending. You will get a fiber-enriched smoothie for your breakfast.

Bulk up a Smoothie



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