Are you facing the problem of more weight and higher cholesterol level? Do you want to overcome the threat of diabetes (type 2)? You will not believe Oatmeal can help reduce your weight and cholesterol level. Oatmeal is enriched with fiber and resistant starch.

Fiber is very useful in improving overall health and rapid weight loss. Whereas resistant starch helps in slow digestion and also aids in releasing digestive acids for suppressing appetite and accelerating calorie-burn. According to a research study, metabolism can be boosted by 23% by consuming 5% carbohydrates (containing resistant starch) on daily basis. Now I am sharing with you best ways to lose weight by using oatmeal.

1. Rolled Oats

You might have used breadcrumbs in different recipes like meatloaf, chicken nuggets and meatballs. Rolled oats can also be used instead of breadcrumbs. These oats are not just nutritious but also help in losing weight. Take rolled oats and blend them well and start using it.

Use Rolled Oats in place of Breadcrumbs

2. Use Oats in Pancakes

Pancakes are usually made with nutrient-void carbs and calories. Using these pancakes is not good if you want to lose fat from your belly. Try using oats, flour, milk, white sugar, butter, baking powder, butter and eggs for making pancakes that are good for reducing fat.

Add Oats to Pancakes



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