Plant-based foods are healthier as compared with animal-based foods. Individuals must have detailed knowledge about nutrition like from where they are getting the essential nutrients such as protein, iron, amino acids, etc. Vegan diets are full of these nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

The Major Issues That Concern Mostly People

The key concern for individuals about the consumption of plant-based foods is that whether they contain adequate protein. Everything that we eat contains some protein. Same is the case with vegetables, brown rice, seeds, beans, nuts, and oats that contain sufficient protein as well as amino acids.

Another concern for people is the marketing of animal-based foods in which it is declared that some particular nutrients can only be obtained by eating these foods. For example, dairy products are marketed in the manner that they are the only providers of calcium. That is just wrong. Calcium is available in abundant quantity in kale, almonds, and broccoli.


Some individuals are also concerned about their iron intake but they don’t need to worry as it is found in legumes and dark leafy greens. Omega-3 fatty acids are not just available in fish as you can get them from flax and chia seeds. If you are bothered about Vitamin D, then its best source is sun as it is not found in plant-based diets.


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