In this fast world, where everyone is working hard to achieve their dreams and living. It is so hard to maintain a good health and slim body. Everybody all over the globe is working more than 48 hours in a week and left with little time to have a healthy food and proper sleep. People especially having desk table jobs suffer more with health problems. So following listed some easy way to hold a good healthy life with busy schedule:

Losing Weight on a Busy Schedule

1. Morning Exerciser

Morning walk and exercise count to be one of the great ways of starting a day. It will help to maintain a nice and healthy body structure. Good supply of oxygen is available in morning instead of doing walk in evening when trees are releasing less amount of oxygen. While in evening most of the people are busy in meetings, dinners and events do to which they more often miss the walk and exercise. Moreover, good supply of oxygen is perfect for lungs and its functioning. Regular morning walk and exercise keep you slim and smart. You can enjoy a healthy life instead of been a patient of different health issues.

Become a Morning Exerciser

2. Proper Intake of Calories

A person must take care of what kind and which part of food is healthy. As a working person, you spend most of the timing sitting and working which is not a helpful sign of digestion of the food. Nor even you can count the number of calories each time you are going to take food, so it is really a hard task. But now with the vast increase in technology there are many free online weight loss journals which help each working individual to track their calories, exercise patterns, online yoga videos. So with your busy schedule, you just need to fill out an estimate journal regarding your food intake routine which will notify you three times a day for your meal calories information. It is one of the simple way of tracking your calories. One must avoid oily and junk food.

Track Calories

3. Plan a Food Pack/Lunch

On each weekend a person can plan a list of items which he/she can take as a lunch or snack along at the work place. It will hardly take 15 to 20mins to list down and get them. Instead of eating out and spending large amount of your earning on food which is not healthy and fresh. Homemade food are way cheaper and healthy. It will help to maintain a healthy body and you can also avoid difficult health problems which may arise eating out. You can also use night leftovers, plus planning a lunch ahead will help you to stick a healthy options instead of buying unhealthy food nearby.

Plan and Pack your Lunch for Office

4. Keep Healthy Breakfast Foods at Work

In morning most of the working bodies are in rush of getting to the work place, which is one of the major cause of skipping breakfast. One must never miss a meal, cause without food intake you can’t execute the work in a better way. So you must carry some fruits or have a glass of juice or milk which will not consume much of the time taking the breakfast. Moreover, you can carry easy to make things which you can have while starting the work in morning. Things which make you active in morning like coffee or tea along with some sandwich or biscuits. So going on work with empty stomach is a bad sign of unhealthy and low profile work.

Keep Healthy Breakfast Foods at Office

5. Make Healthy Foods Visible

Instead of placing a jar full of candies or chocolates but place fresh fruits and a bottle of water on your desk which will be an easy to have and maybe a first thing you saw when you felt hunger. Along with fresh fruits and water you can place some dry fruits which will help to improve your brain function too.

Leave Healthy Foods Visible

6. Visit Gym

Going to gym is a tough task along with the busy schedule but still you must not quit the gym for all. An easy of been regular to the gym is that you rent a locker at gym and place all your desire things in them so you will be left with no excuse of missing the gym. Secondly, decide of time which you believe will be free most of the time and that could be evenings. You can locate a little time of going gym, instead of spending hours and hours in gym. In this way, you will remain fit and shaped up even you are not following a proper diet plan. You can also plan workouts with your colleagues, it will help you to be motivated all the time around. If it is hard for you to carry gym around the week, you can plan workouts on weekends instead of sleeping and hanging around with friends.

Make Gym Visits Convenient



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