Morning freshness is very important for each and every person in this world. It has been observed that majority of the people do suffer from morning stiffness. This means that they feel pain as well as stretchiness in the muscles as well as in different joints in the body. This is a common issue faced by people and they want to get rid of it. First of all it is important to know the symptoms of this issues. A person may feel:

  1. Pain in the back and hips
  2. Pain in the neck and shoulder muscles
  3. Stiffed muscles of arms and back

How to Relieve Morning Stiffness and Pain

The stiffness is felt in different muscles of the body especially in back, in shoulders as well as in the neck.

Reasons behind Morning Stiffness

There are different causes as well as reasons which create morning stiffness. These reasons may be medical issues, physical issues etc. some of the major causes are as under:

1. No exercise

People who don’t focus on exercise suffers a lot. People who only sleep, eat and don’t exercise are the major victims of this issue called morning stiffness. The muscles as well as bones and joints of body need movement and they should be moved with the help of exercise. If you don’t do exercise then the joints can be locked, causing morning stiffness and similar type of issues.

2. Incorrect postures

If a person focus on the incorrect postures while sitting and sleeping then the muscles can be stretched. It has been observed that people who go to office or who have to work on the PC for hours become the victim of morning stiffness. The muscles should be relaxed and proper posture should be maintained.

3. Poor Bed Mattress

The main issue behind morning stiffness and stretching of muscles is old mattress. The old mattress becomes flexible and soft. This is not a good sign for health and an old mattress cannot maintain the correct posture of the body. You should change the mattress after every 5 years.

4. Cold Weather and Environment

Most of the people suffer from morning stiffness in winters. This means that cold weather is one of the major cause of this issue. So one should focus on central heating or should turn on the heater for staying away from the issue.

Natural Tips for Morning Stiffness and Pain

Useful Tips for resolving Morning Stiffness and Pain

If you want to get rid of the issue then should focus on the following useful tips.

1.  A person should focus on getting the quality sleep. He/she doesn’t go to the bed with negative thoughts, depression and tension otherwise the morning will not be fresh and a person will be facing muscles stretchiness and stiffness all the day.

2.  Proper mattress should be used by a person but not the old and poor one. The mattress should be changed after every five years or a mattress with life time guarantee must be bought. The correct mattress will maintain the right posture and no muscle stiffness will be faced.

3.  A person should focus on morning exercise because it is very useful in releasing the tension as well as stiffness. The blood flow will become smooth with the help of exercise and easy circulation will be there. This can release the joints as well as muscles.

4.  It is very important to emphasize on good diet and food. A person should eat products enriched with protein and vitamins. Fast foods should not be consumed on large basis because they can make the bones and muscles weak.

These are the cause and remedies for treating the stiffness and stretched muscles. Active muscles and active body are the signs of good and healthy life.



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