Vegetables are considered to be important and healthy food. There are hundreds of vegetables which are grown in different regions of the world. Every vegetable contain vitamins, nutrients as well as healthy ingredients which are useful for person’s health. Vegetables should be added in routine in every meal to get maximum nutrients and to live healthy life.

Among vegetables, green ones are considered to be highly useful as well as healthy. Vegetables can be eaten in raw form but also be mixed with other foods to get benefit. If you eat vegetables in the morning then they will give maximum advantage to your health. You can add vegetables into breakfast in different ways. These can be:

4 Ways to Add Vegetables to Breakfast


Majority of the people around the world like to eat egg in the breakfast. You can add vegetables in egg in different ways. You can make omelet by adding green chilies, onions as well as kale. Several other vegetables can also be added including mushrooms as well as spinach along with bell peppers to get nutrients. One of the cheapest way to add vegetables in breakfast is using the vegetable leftovers from night meal and then putting beaten egg in them.


Another useful way of eating vegetables in the morning is considered to be vegetable smoothies. The green smoothies are famous and enriched with nutrients and vitamins. You can make green smoothie with the help of mint, cucumber, spinach etc. in order to make the vegetable smoothie tasty, you can add fruits like berries in it. In order to make a smoothie delicious, you can add chocolate powder, refined sugar as well as almond butter etc. if you don’t like the green color of smoothies then you can mix artificial colors in them for getting a beautiful look. Other than green smoothies, pumpkin smoothie can be made and drunk in the morning. The color of pumpkin smoothie is very beautiful and is delicious as well. One of the best and soothing smoothie can be made by mixing cucumber juice, orange juice, sugar as well as few leaves of mint. It gives a cooling effect to the person and is good for health as well.


Another useful way of adding vegetables in breakfast is considered to be pancake. You can make pancakes with the help of pumpkins as well as bananas. You can also make carrot pancakes and can added yogurt in salted form to make them yummier.

Eating Vegetables in Fried or Raw Form

You can eat vegetables in the morning in fried as well as in raw form. Take some chopped pieces of carrot, potato, peas as well as capsicum and get them fried in the pan. Then add some salt, black pepper as well as green pepper in the vegetables and eat in the morning. These fried vegetables will provide strength to you for whole day and are yummy too. The vegetables can be eaten in raw or uncooked form. You can eat carrot, onions, cabbage as well as capsicum in uncooked form. The uncooked vegetables are considered to be more nutritious as compared with the cooked ones.

Just like other healthy diets/foods, vegetables should be eaten by people of every age group. Children should be habited to eat vegetables in their early lives for getting full nutrition. Vegetables are good for healthy life and fulfill different deficiencies. In order to fulfill the blood deficiency, carrot juice should be taken by people. If you eat 5 liters of carrot juice in a month then your HB rate will go up easily. Vegetables are a good source of healthy life.


  1. I am always looking to add veggies to every meal. I like to add in pumpkin, zucchini, or sweet potato to pancakes or oatmeal.


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