We can see that these days’ people are more interested in doing experiments with different food items. No doubt even the simple food is getting fancy nowadays. Variations in cooking styles can be seen in tea, coffee, chicken, toast and so on.

Toasts are mostly eaten as a breakfast meal. People of all ages including the kids prefer to take toast in their breakfast. Avocado is not only tasty but also a healthy diet that is why I have decided to use both avocado and toast for making some yummy avocado toast.

Here are 7 Delicious New Takes on Avocado Toast #avocadotoast #avocadorecipes
Credit: MedMD

Here in this article, I will share how you can use avocado toast in 7 different ways for making delicious recipes.

1. Classic

Classic avocado toast will be prepared by using following ingredients:

  • Whole grain bread
  • Avocado in mashed form
  • Black pepper
  • Sea salt
  • Red pepper
  • Hot sauce


Mix together mashed avocado, black and red pepper, hot sauce and sea salt. Now spread this mixture on bread slices and serve them with your breakfast.



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