Well no doubt, several foods go well with each other but there are some foods that should not be eaten together. Foods are composed of chemical compounds and their merge plays an important role when you eat them together.

The majority of individuals are unaware with those drinks and foods that can become hazardous when you eat them together. Therefore, you should be aware with these drinks and foods. They can make you feel bloated along with increased blood sugar level and reduced absorption of essential nutrients. I am now sharing 6 foods combinations that should be avoided.

1. Milk + Tea

Black tea contains antioxidants that are best for decreasing inflammation which is associated with several chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart diseases. The proteins found in milk helps in binding antioxidants that are found in tea and thus preventing them from absorption. Tea also contains caffeine that can reduce the absorption of calcium.

2. Fat-free Dressing + Salad

Cutting fat from your foods is not a wise decision as fat helps in absorbing nutrients. Fat-free dresses causes a decrease in the absorption of carotenoids that is associated with decreased risk of muscular degeneration, cancer and cardiovascular diseases.


  1. I think it’s a very useful information one can’t ignore. I was especially surprised by the harm of tea / milk combination. I wonder if the creamer which is done from milk has the same detrimental effect…


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